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Easy Exercise for Overcoming Your Limiting Beliefs

Those pesky limiting beliefs....

We all have them.

Part of this human experience is learning how to navigate the full spectrum of life on Earth, and that includes the positive, the negative, and everything in between.

Sometimes, we indeed find ourselves walking around with beliefs that don't serve us; either we picked them up from someone else who projected their limiting beliefs onto us, or, we created these beliefs ourselves at some point along the way.

But when we take stock of the beliefs we carry and lay them all out on the table, we can see which ones aren't serving us positively, and work to reframe them!

This one question will help you begin:

Ask yourself, 'What would I rather believe?'


Take out a journal or notebook and write down a limiting belief you hold.

Maybe you doubt that your career will ever take off, or you think that you have to be thin in order for Mr. Right to want you.

Write down that belief in all it's negative glory:

"I believe that I have to be thin in order to be seen as desirable."

Take a good look at it... sit with it...

... and then underneath it, write down what you would rather believe instead.

-Would you rather believe that your size doesn't matter whatsoever?

-Would you rather believe that the right person will see you and not your body?

-Would you rather believe that you can be the type of person who loves themselves unconditionally, and doesn't place so much emphasis on the way they look?

-Would you rather believe that there is more than one version of what desirable looks like?

Whatever it is, write it down, and continue writing down anything else that comes to mind. You'll probably be surprised what pours out once you open up the door! You may find the source of where that belief came from, or you may remember a time when something happened to supposedly affirm this belief.

Continue this exercise with your other limiting beliefs, and watch as their once solid foundation begins to crumble.

Take care to hold space for yourself and be prepared for emotions to arise. This is okay! It's exactly what you want, actually, because you are starting to unravel and break down that long-held belief so that it can be re-written!

If you like exercises like this, check out this post on the power of EFT tapping for brain and body re-wiring!

You can also breeze through all my favorite self-awareness / wellness resources here for more helpful info!

As always,

be well <3



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