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Escape the 3D Matrix

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

In order to shift out of something, you first need to have awareness around it, right? In order to move out of a relationship that no longer serves you, you have to be aware that you are in something that's not working. Without the awareness, you're just unconsciously participating.

Well the same goes for life here on Earth.

Let's take a look at the programs that are currently plaguing humanity, shall we?

Hmm, let's see, there's:







....some really great stuff, huh?

Alright so let's unpack a little. If you think of this 3D Earth plane as a simulation of sorts… then you understand that when you drop down into it, you take on the software of that simulation. There are a total of 12 dimensions on Earth-- crazy, right? Once you get past the 6th dimension, you don't even have form any more! That's right- you're not even in a body; you're just energy. Just consciousness : )


Down here in the 3rd dimension, the energy's reeeeeal dense, y'all. Some heavy things go down.

The software we get downloaded with shows up as:

  • Fear-based stories coming out of a box in the living rooms of hundreds of millions of people

  • Large banks that have control of our money without being fully transparent about what they’re doing with it

  • Authorities using advertising and propaganda to control the choices we make when it comes to our health, playing on our psyche and its programmable tendencies

  • Education systems tailoring history to drive a particular narrative and promote division

  • Societal pressure to enter into a work structure that doesn’t support us as the individual, but the product/business/bottom line/profit margin instead

  • Corporations haphazardly filling stores with products that contain harmful ingredients that tarnish our bodies, air, food, and water

Obeying the government out of fear, over thinking for yourself with your own brilliant mind and your own built-in connection to higher awareness/intuition— that’s a program. We are programmed to do that.

Doing whatever a doctor says without doing your own research, using your own brilliant mind and your own built-in connection to higher awareness/intuition— that’s a program. We are programmed to do that.

Fighting against other human beings in all out wars for land and money and power-- that's a program. We are programmed to do that, and worse, to think it's actually ok!! That it's just a part of life that we accept.

All of this happens because we forget that we are actually higher dimensional energy beings, temporarily having an experience as a human.

WHEN WE REMEMBER WHO WE REALLY ARE, we know that the programming is just that. None of it’s 'real.' And WE ARE UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO PLAY A GAME THAT RUNS ON LOW LEVEL SOFTWARE.

We need more people living in their DIVINITY. Unplugged from the 3D.

That's how we shift the entire planet out of this low density, and into higher levels of consciousness like those of the 4th and 5th dimensions.

When you remember your true nature and come back home to it, it's like the skies open up. The fog lifts.

You realize, you don’t hate anyone— you’re programmed to. You’re not separate from anyone else— you’re programmed to think you are.

When 7 billion people are TRULY united and aware of their inane power, they can’t be controlled or manipulated. And the beings/entities/people who designed and are running the third dimension know that!

Duh lol.

BUT, we know their game, and we know how to stop playing it : )

So will you? Stop playing it?


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