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How to Expand Your Consciousness

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Let's just call it out, shall we?

You are consciousness in human form.

You are eternal energy, temporarily taking up space in your human body. Powering it, living in it, while it serves as a vehicle to carry you around so that you can enjoy this physical planet and all the things on it.

Pretty cool, right? ; )

And so, since we're born and raised in this Earthly world, naturally, we tend to live by the rules it has for us, such as:


a necessary amount of eating and sleeping,

sufficient currency to be able to live,

and so on, and so on.

BUT, being a human of this world also comes with a whoooooole lot of conditioning.

It's just part of the deal.

Most of us forget that we're higher consciousness, simply having an experience as a human. We get very... attached, if you will.

Not only do we live by the rules of gravity, but we also take on a belief system. It's different for everyone, and it's shaped by who our parents are, the experiences we go through, who and what we surround ourselves with.... but there do tend to be common threads throughout society, like:

"There's never enough money to go around,"


"Everyone else seems to get what they want, but never me,"


"I'm clearly not lovable the way I am, I must be thinner, prettier, taller, smarter, more successful."

When in reality.....

the higher consciousness that we are--the energy VISITING Earth for a while-- literally laughs in the face of all of that.

So to say,

expanding your consciousness is really about remembering who you are. It's about peeling away layers that you have taken on by participating in this experiment called human life. It's letting all the false conditioning fall away, and letting the REAL you-- the expansive, divine, high-level light energy-- naturally come forth : )

So- how do we go about this?

Here are a number of ways I've found helpful on my journey.

1. Read:

A New Earth

The Power of Now

The Game of Life and How to Play It

Your Sacred Self

The Power of the Subconscious Mind

The Celestine Prophecy

The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success

The Four Agreements

Books expand your understanding- plain and simple. They force you to think and examine, and even if you don't know it at the time, they set the wheels in motion. If you're not a reader or you can't seem to find the time, I would suggest:

  1. make a hard decision to read just 1 chapter a day, or for five or ten minutes a day, whatever feels like an achievable amount


2. take advantage of apps like Audible, and listen to books while you drive to the store,

do your grocery shopping, clean your house, or do your makeup. You'd be surprised

how much 'reading' you can actually get in in a day!

2. Listen to:

Wayne Dyer

Abraham Hicks

Allen Watts

Shaman Durek

Deepak Chopra

Binaural beats/HZ music

Thought leaders and spiritual speakers are here to help us on our journey to remembering where we came from. Many of them are ascended masters who have learned what it means to connect with their true selves- outside of any human conditioning- and they use their experiences to help others to the same level of enlightenment. Discover who resonates for you, and use them! Listen to their hearts speak. They are direct channels to the Source that we are born from. Well...we all are, essentially, but they are just a little further along, which is why they make great guides ; )

HZ music is a form of sound therapy that harmonizes the energies in your body, creating an overall better state of health, and more open energy system. Listen to it in stillness, or while you cook or create. You will begin to align more and more with the vibration of the Universe and of the highest energies of Oneness.

YouTube is a FREE resource with thousands and thousands of hours worth of speeches, readings, interviews, and other resources. Just type in 'Wayne Dyer' and choose something to listen to the next time you take a walk. Or search for 'binaural beats for anxiety.' You will find exactly what you need, every time.

3. Practice:

-Moments of stillness, quiet, and listening

-Meditation, guided or otherwise




-Getting to know your body and its signals

This is perhaps where most of the work comes in. Your daily practices will determine your level of success, in anything you do. If you spend a little time each day on something, inevitably, you will create momentum around it.

This can work for you or against you, of course, so best to make it work in your favor, right?

That being said,

you must must must practice going inward.

You cannot possibly be tuning in to your true nature and reconnecting to the Source from whence you came if your head is always buried in social media, or if you're constantly expending all of your energy on those around you.

You must make a point every single day to be alone, and go within.

That could mean writing down beliefs you have about yourself and examining them to see how you can reframe them.

That could mean journaling, and releasing all your worries down on paper.

That could mean prayer or reading scripture.

That could mean listening to a guided meditation.

That could mean practicing breathing techniques to calm your nervous system.

That could mean talking directly to God.

That could mean writing a list of all the things you're grateful for before bed.

That could mean writing down beliefs you have about yourself, and examining them to see where they came from and how you can reframe them.

That could mean saying affirmations out loud to start your day.

That could mean a yoga or stretch session.

Anything that takes you INSIDE.

Anything that turns off everyone and everything outside of you. No television, no one trying to sell you anything, no one needing anything from you, no work, no outside pressure-- just YOU.

Your soul needs nurturing just as much as your dog does. It needs your time and love. It needs you to pay attention to it and put energy into it.

Meditating is the fastest way to understand yourself better and to reestablish (or strengthen) your connection to your Source. Whatever label you want to place on it, or maybe there's no label at all. Meditating can take you closer to Jesus, or it can take you closer to the Universe, or just closer to yourself. The point is to spend time there- wherever 'there' is for you.

Start by sitting alone, quietly, for even just a few minutes a day. If your mind starts to race, that's ok. Eventually, you'll be able to sit long enough to watch your thoughts go crazy, but then watch them fade away too. Go easy on yourself, but keep at it and you will start to see a difference. It just takes time. That's why they call it practice ; )

If you're brand new to meditating, I would also recommend starting with guided versions. Listening to the prompts of someone else, picturing what they suggest (a waterfall, or a relaxing place you love, for example) gives your mind something to do so it cannot wander off as easily.

Again, YouTube is your (free) friend.

4. Spend time:

-In nature

-Healing traumas and emotional wounds with talk therapy, somatic therapy, hypnotherapy, breathwork, or reiki

Nature has healing tones and vibrations that our eyes and ears can't pick up, but that our bodies sense.

The negative ions the ocean gives off and the frequencies that trees create are healing for us. Indisputable, non-negatable.

Even if you're not an 'outdoorsy person,' spending time with Mama Gaia is absolutely necessary. You don't have to take up hiking and you don't need to start playing in dirt (although, now that I mention it, those are great ideas LOL), but we are nature, so the farther we get from it, the more disconnected we tend to become.

Time in nature = time well spent on your mission to reconnect to higher states of consciousness.

Now, if you have emotional wounds or past experiences that you haven't properly dealt with, I highly recommend seeking the help of a professional to help you do that. We all have baggage in some form or another, but the idea is not to let it take up space inside of us.

We want to alchemize it-- bring it to light, learn from it, and use the experience to expand our awareness, and even better, help someone with the same challenge down the line.

My favorite form of therapy are somatic therapies (meaning, related to the body), which help move and transmute energy. Our bodies hold onto emotions that we don't successfully let pass through us; this can actually make us physically sick, and it certainly cuts us off from our connection to God/Source/Spirit/The Universe/the higher energy from which we came.

Check out this post about EFT tapping. It's the easiest way to get started and you can do it yourself, for free, right from the comfort of your home.

Remember-- peel those layers away. Chip away at it. Every time you can make peace with something or someone from your past, or move energy that's been stuck in your system, you remove another layer separating you from the higher levels of consciousness that are available to you at all times.


In conclusion:

This may seem overwhelming, I know. But there's no end goal here. There's no finish line. You're not trying to 'fix yourself,' and you're not trying to cram or study anything. That's not the object. There's no test to pass. You're just taking energy off the world around you and giving some to yourself, and to the connection you have to the higher source of energy that you came from.

You're just using Earth-y tools to help you remember what you already know but have forgotten.

You're just shining a light inside to remind yourself of the Truth of all truths--

that you are divine energy, sparked from the highest Divine energy there is. xx

I see you, and I honor you!!

Lots of love on your journey-

xx Rachel

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