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How to Improve Any Area of Your Life With ONE Magic Tool

We're all out here looking for that quick fix, am I right?

But of course, in our pursuit of the quick and easy path, we typically find that 1) there's no such thing as instant healing, 2) shortcuts don't exist, and 3) nothing lasting comes easy.

While all of that may be true to some degree, I will still go so far as to say:

If you implement this energy healing practice into your life, you will see DRAMATIC and RADICAL changes for the better, and they will be instant and permanent.

The life-changing tool I'm referring to is called EFT, or 'tapping.'

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, but it's commonly referred to as 'tapping' because you use your fingers to repeatedly tap on different points of the face and body in order to

-release stagnant energy,

-heal pain and trauma,

-and literally re-write the hard wiring in your brain and body to create new and postitive

programs in place of the old ones

Did you know?

Our bodies store EV. RY. THING.

Every memory, every trauma, every joy, every hurt, every challenge we've ever experienced-- it's all there, imprinted energetically into our system. It's well documented that our organs, our tissues, our cells, all store critical emotional signatures. (It's why people sometimes sob after a good massage!)

Because our bodies have these energetic memories, it creates a sort of road map for how we operate each and every day.


Let's say you have a childhood memory of getting up in front of the class to present an art project you were really proud of, only your classmates whispered and snickered while you were showing it off. You likely created an imprint- a story- that said, 'It's not safe to share my art because I may be mocked and ridiculed.'

Well now, no matter what your age, even if you don't consciously think about that incident in your everyday life, you still carry that memory somewhere in your system!

You are probably now operating from that story in various ways without even knowing it! You make decisions from a place of, 'It's not safe to put myself out there.'

Here's where EFT / Tapping comes in!

By pulling up the memory and story that still resides in your body as you tap on different meridian points on the body (laid out by Chinese Medicine), you begin to break down that hard-wired story, heal the pain and embarrassment you felt at the time, and re-wire your brain to operate from a new story of your choosing-- one that says, 'I have unique skills and talents to share, and though I might not appeal to everyone, that's ok because there will always be people who do resonate with me and who love what I have to offer. I am safe to put myself out there.'

Tap on parts of your body? Sounds simple- I know.

Sounds too easy- I know.

Sounds too good to be true. I KNOW.

But let me tell you-- this proven technique WILL change your life, and PROFOUNDLY.


Because it addresses to root cause of your limiting beliefs, doubts, fears, reasons why you feel stuck, broke, unlovable, or anything else that doesn't serve you in a positive way.

I have nothing against talk therapy or any other traditional treatment modalities. BUT, this practice takes things to the next level and does what hours and hours of talking simply can't do: it tracks down the place within you where there is a memory, an experience, or a belief that still holds an emotional charge, and it neutralizes that charge forever.

Pretty amazing stuff!!!

And while, yes, it does take time to do this, and yes, some long-standing beliefs take repeat tapping sessions to fully disappear, the results come, and they come FAST.

Every time you're willing to sit with your pain, pull it up to the surface, soothe it, and re-write it, you create lasting and permanent change within your system that never goes away. You create new energetic imprints, new ways of operating, and new stories that serve you in positive ways.

There is literally NOTHING you can't tap on.

Struggling to advance in your career? You may have resistance or fear somewhere, and that can be tapped away.

Can't seem to attract a partner? You may have limiting beliefs about your worthiness or whether or not the right person even exists, and that can be tapped away.

Always had problems holding on to money? You can tap on that.

Family strife? You can tap on that.

Weight gain, or health challenges? You can tap on that, and as a matter of fact, it's incredibly beneficial to your entire system to tap because it reduces stress and activates your parasympathetic nervous system, taking you out of fight/flight mode and lessening the negative effects of stress hormones on the body.

Seriously, this is a WONDER TOOL, and it's for anyone and everyone.

It may actually be the least amount of effort for the most amount of pay-off I've ever seen.

If you have even 3 minutes a day to sit in a chair and tap on your head, face, and chest, then you have all you need to start making dramatic positive changes in your life.


My recommendation: Start simple and start for free! YouTube is a gold mine for tapping videos, meaning you can start right now and all it will cost you is a few minutes of your time. Though if you're like me, you'll become so addicted to the results you'll be happy to spend more and more time bringing healing and relief to your system!

Well-known Tapping Favorites:

Brad Yates Tap With Brad

Some additional personal picks:

For all things body image related Giulia Halkier

For life in general Melanie Moore EFT

There you have it! I hope this practice serves you well on your journey!



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