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Master List: My Favorite Leaders in Health

Whether you're brand new to this game we call wellness and you're in need of some guidance, or, you've been burned by the conventional medical system, never fear.

Here's a list of practitioners DOING IT RIGHT.

Happy healing! : )


DR. JESS PEATROSS (root cause MD)

EMILY MORROW (root cause FNTP, energy testing & bloodwork queen)

DR. JOSEPH ARENA (root cause D.C)

Dr. JABAN MOORE (root cause D.C, detox doc)

DR. STEPH YOUNG (root cause D.C., detox doc)

DR. CHRISTIAN GONZALEZ (Environmental medicine, Integrative Oncology)

DR. ZACH BUSH (root cause MD)

DR. ANGIE SADEGHI (MD Gastroenterologist)

DR. WILL BULSIEWICZ (MD Gastroenterologist)

DR. ELENA IVANINA (MD Gastroenterologist, microbiome healing)

DR. THOMAS LODI (Integrative Oncology)

LARA BRIDEN (ND, women's health, hormone repair)

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