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Struggling to Heal? You're Likely Missing This One Important Thing

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Helloooo, my fellow wellness warrior!

If you're struggling with a health issue right now, TRUST ME when I say I FEEL YOUR PAIN. It's not easy work, my friend; I really do honor you. And that's why I want to offer a perspective shift, and also let you know that it's going to be ok for you. I know it is.

I want to invite you to think about whatever health issue you're struggling with. This thing that you've been battling, maybe for months, or even years now.

Does this resonate?

You've been told you have such-and-such disease, or such-and-such condition. There’s a name- a label attached- some diagnosis- and additionally, a strong identity with that label.

For example:

"I have Hashimoto’s. I am exhausted and losing my hair and and storing extra weight because of it."

You probably spend a lot of time identifying with this thing- making it part of you. Feeling like you’ll always have to deal with it. Feeling trapped because of it. Feeling like it’s innate to who you are, and there will never be a time where it won’t be.

You likely feel limited. You can't always do the things you want to do- maybe you're just too exhausted. You're told you have to be on medication for the rest of your life. You can't eat certain foods you love because they exacerbate your symptoms. You can't wear the things you want to wear, and you wish your body looked different, and you're always at war with it, feeling like you don't understand it or why it's acting the way it is.

Now- I want you to imagine you walk into an elevator, and hit the button to take it up one floor.

When you get off the elevator, you suddenly feel lighter, and slightly less stressed. The people on this floor smile at you, and seem to be open, and friendly! Now when you think about your illness, it suddenly occurs to you:

"Huh- if I 'have' something... then it’s not really ME. It’s not who I AM. I don’t need to identify with this condition. My identity isn’t 'someone with Hashimoto’s.' If it’s something that I 'have,' then it could also be something that I DON’T have, right?

Huh- here it looks there are people who specialize in this and who utilize different treatments that I’ve never heard about, and I can see that people just like me are getting better!"

Here on this floor there is hope!

There is a sense of 'beating' it. A sense of determination to find answers and figure it out and make the necessary changes.

Your eyes are being opened, and you're allowing yourself to entertain the idea that healing is possible!!!

Now.... the only catch here is, the mindset becomes,

'There is a way, and unless I do it I’ll be stuck. Unless I work with these specific people, or take these specific measures, I’ll never get better. This is the answer to all my problems, but what if I don't have the money for that? What if I just don't have the time to devote? And what if it worked for them, but it doesn't for me?!'

Take a breath.

Imagine you get back in the elevator again, and this time you take it up to the top floor. The doors open and all you see is blue skies. The air smells fresh and you instantly feel at peace. You step out of the elevator and onto the rooftop which offers the most beautiful views, as far as the eye can see. You feel calm. You feel light. You feel well out of harm's way. You feel a sense of ease, and everything in your being seems to soften.

Up here, on this level, the energy feels heart-centered and heart-focused. You feel surrounded by love, even though you are alone. Everything is quiet, and it gently dawns on you that up here,


It's as if here, it somehow doesn’t exist- like it’s not even a possibility on this level.

How does it feel to imagine that scenario?


This is how energy works, and it's something no one shares with us, because it's mostly misunderstood, but the truth is,

everything gives off an energetic frequency, and like frequencies attract like frequencies.

So what does that mean?

All you have to do is not be an energetic match to the frequency of Hashimoto’s.

That's right.

If you raise your own frequency, the illness can no longer resonate with your system because you're vibrating at a higher level. If the frequency of your illness is a 200, and you raise your body's energetic frequency to a 400 or a 500-


I have been on my own journey with this myself so I reeeeally do understand. I was stuck on the second floor for about 3 years. A LOT of time was spent 'trying to figure things out.' Desperately trying to find a solution- no stone left unturned.

Translation: I was stressed AF.


Did I benefit from that time? Yes I did. I had a lot of lessons to learn and things to uncover and limiting beliefs to dissolve, and old ways of thinking to rework.

Did the things I introduced at that time help? Of course! It was beneficial to pump myself full of good quality food and water, and to take advantage of beautiful and powerful herbs and supplements for extra support. I'm SO grateful for those things!

But when I finally paid attention to my MINDSET and my INNER STATE OF BEING, and started LOVING ON MYSELF AND MY BODY, INSTEAD OF BEING AT WAR WITH IT, THAT’S when things really shifted.

The things I used to carry with me every day, like physical symptoms, and constant worrisome thoughts about the progression of my healing- they’re literally like distant memories. I go to think about them, and they’re just not there. And it's not because I found a new doctor or started on a new diet.

It's more like they don't exist on the floor that I'm on.

Because... well, they don't.

I want you to know that healing is possible. It's inevitable, actually; it is the natural design of the world, and the natural design of your body. You don't need to stress, my love- you only need to raise that vibration of yours : )

If you want to know how to go about raising your frequency and your consciousness, check out this post right here.


Peace and healing to you, times a million-

xx Rachel

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