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The Supplement You NEED In Your Life, Like.. Yesterday

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

If you know me, then you know I keep it real. I'm a straightforward kinda gal; you'll always get the (sometimes harsh) truth from me.

Sagittarius life. What can I say? ; )

I'm also a generator in human design, which means I don't go for something (and I certainly don't recommend it to others) unless it's a HELL YES.

Now, this post does contain an affiliate link, which means I do receive a small commission at no extra cost to you if you were to use the discount code provided, BUT, I would recommend this product to anyone, even if I never saw a dime because of how much it has helped me. Hand to heart, honest truth.

I also feel I should mention: with stuff like this, working with a professional one-on-one is always best, and I have to disclaim of course to use your judgement, and remind you that 1) I am not qualified to give medical advice, and 2), no one pill or potion will solve all of your problems.

There's no substitute for proper lifestyle choices-- you can't eat like crap and drink and smoke and then expect to take some supplements and experience stellar health.

Supplements are just that- supplemental. Meaning, they are used in addition, to complete or enhance.

That being said-- there are some REALLY high performing supplements that can change the whole game, so when I say that this will change your life, I mean IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Let's get to it.

Organo Gold KING Coffee is organic, low-acid coffee, masterfully infused with ganoderma spores, or, the seed of the reishi mushroom.

Reishi is anti-viral, anti-cancer, anti-parasitic, and has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine. It is even called 'the bridge to heaven and Earth,' and 'the mushroom of immortality.'

(Now you're intrigued, right??)

Want to know what makes KING coffee even more special? Organo has a patent on the harvesting of the spore powder. The quality and potency is unlike any other mushroom product you will find.

Some other benefits:

Reishi is an adaptogen, which means it literally helps your body adapt. It's an immune modulator, so it helps keep everything in balance, fights off inflammation, and helps your body handle stress. I was experiencing brain fog and anxiety for the first time in my life, and after my first cup, it was as if all the crazy firing in my system just CENTERED. I felt the effects in my body immediately, and the more the weeks went on, the better I felt.

Oh, and I should also mention-- because reishi acts a modulator, it regulates the rate of caffeine absorption; there is absolutely no spike and drop in energy, and absolutely no caffeine jitters. Just a steady feeling of support. You wind up with something like 9g of caffeine, which is less than a cup of decaf.

Because the reishi gives you what your body needs most, everyone's results will be different. However, some of the most common feedback you'll find is:

-balanced hormones

-better digestion

-lowered inflammation

-weight loss

-mental clarity

-better focus

-stronger immunity

-improved thyroid numbers

I mean, if you're gonna drink coffee every day, might as well drink one that's super beneficial for your health, right??

I discovered KING from one of my favorite practitioners, Emily, and what a God send it has been. I HIGHLY recommend checking her out if you are struggling with anything!

Give it a try- you won't regret it!!!

Much love, and happy sipping!

xx Rachel

**For educational purposes only. Check with your health advisor before beginning any new regimen to ensure your safety. Need a practitioner who gets to the root cause? Check out my list of long-standing favorites here

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