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What I Wish More People Knew: My Message To You

First, let me start by saying that I'm not an expert; I'm simply someone who was forced to look.

(What's that they say about necessity being our greatest teacher?)

So please, take me sharing my journey and findings as just that-- sharing. Please don't take anything I say here as hard and fast medical advice. I'm not qualified to offer that.

What I do want to impress on you is that you can become your own health advocate, just like I did. You, and only you, have sovereignty over your own wellbeing. Even the most well-trained and well-meaning doctors will never know you or your body better than you do.

Because of everything I went through, I'm really passionate about helping people get through their healing journeys, and helping them understand what true healing really is.


I think most of us here in the Western world can agree that this is the process that's pushed:

go through the conventional medical system,

get a diagnosis,

get assigned an according pharmaceutical that will stifle the corresponding symptoms.

Meanwhile, what I learned is, there are practitioners out there asking why until they can't ask why any more. Digging all the way down to find the root cause of the symptoms, as opposed to just trying to quiet them.

For instance:

Q. Why do I have these symptoms?

A. Because I have a poorly functioning liver.

Q. Why do I have a poorly functioning liver?

A. Because I have liver flukes and a retrovirus.

Q. Why has my body not been able to fight this off?

A. Because I have heavy metals in my system that feed the flukes and the virus.

Do you see the difference?

Not, 'Your bloodwork shows low liver function, so here's a pill that will put a band aid over your resulting sluggishness and weight gain.'

How is that treating the CAUSE? Where was the healing and ridding the body of the offenders CAUSING the low liver function?

You know, it's funny, so many people scoff at herbs and natural supplements yet praise toxic drugs.

Am I the only one who finds that confusing?

Herbs from this Earth, that our bodies actually recognize and can utilize because they're made of the same matter that we all are, have been used for centuries-- long before new age pharmaceuticals were created in labs out of synthetic and harmful ingredients. Herbs-- GOD'S MEDICINE-- can actually pull heavy metals out of the body, and kill parasites, and heal tissues, and DE-toxify our cells.

Pharmaceutical drugs literally can't say that.

In fact, they often cause more harm than anything, as most come with a list of side effects a mile long. Eventually, you need another drug to help with the side effects of the first one! This system DOESN'T WORK, because if it did, we wouldn't see the level of chronic illness that we do operating under this form of treatment! (and I use that word loosely)

Why do people need to be on this prescription for the rest of their lives? If the pill is healing them, why do they need it forever?!

I'm not a doctor. True.

But who I am is someone who has lived this process.

Anyone who has been on a healing journey of any kind-- we're the ones who know first hand what it's like to try a million things and go to different doctors just to have them tell us, "I don't know what's wrong with you, you seem fine," or "Your blood work looks fine to me" when we know we are not fine. We're the ones who tried the conventional drugs just to have them fail us. WE'RE THE ONES who know how to keep digging until we find the answers, and find the ROOT CAUSE of why we don't feel our best.

I'll never forget my ob/gyn telling me it was perfectly fine to not have a period.


Or if I wanted to get my period back, to go back on the pill.


Now, of course western medicine has its place. In diagnosis, in emergency surgery, in traumatic life situations-- absolutely. I'm not going to snap my leg in half and try to practice reiki on it. Obviously I want to be rushed to a hospital to be worked on by a trained surgeon.

But in terms of chronic illness, which our country is plagued with, in terms of disease prevention? It just doesn't cut it. And not only does it not cut it, but it actually makes people sicker. It keeps them unwell, and that's just the truth.

Let's be real here-- without our health, we have nothing. Anyone who's had theirs threatened in any way would testify to that. Nothing matters without your health.

I know that my challenges were given me for a reason. The journey led me to finding a passion for educating others in this arena and helping them see the light. It led me to such a beautiful place with my body, and to some really powerful heath tools that I probably would have never discovered otherwise. Had I not been on this journey, I would likely never have uncovered these magical gifts that I now hold in such high regard. I'm so glad I know about them, and I want everyone to know about them. (check some of them out here) I want people to know how incredible they can feel on a day-to-day basis, and how much that changes everything! Your outlook on life, the way you interact with others, the choices you make... I just want everyone to know that they can live a VIBRANT life if they really want to!!!

We're gifted this beautiful existence, and to live any of it not in the highest vibration... well I just think that's such shame, and such a waste.

I really want to save others some of the stress and the time and money and the frustration that comes with a health challenge.

There's no one magical fix, I know that. But if we're at least pointed on the right path, and given helpful markers and tools along the way, then it's a MUCH easier journey.

I just want to help point people in the right direction. To give them hope. To have them know that they aren't stuck, and they aren't doomed to live out their lives with whatever ailment or affliction or condition their doctor shackled them with. I want people to strengthen their belief in a higher power and in the incredible intelligence that created our bodies' innate ability to find wellness.

I want you to know that there is a state of homeostasis, of harmony, of DIVINE HEALTH that exists, and that it's possible for every single one of us when we give our bodies the right environment, and the right tools, and the right fuel, and the right kind of LOVE.

If a doctor, whose very job it is to treat you and get you well, is putting you on toxic medications, and not addressing:

what you're eating every day,

what you're drinking every day,

the thoughts you're thinking every day,

how heavy your stress load is,

what you're putting on your skin,

then they are not doing you a service.


If they would allow you to build up chemicals in your body every single day for the rest of your life, then forgive me for saying- they do not understand the way the human body works.

Our bodies are super machines, and like any machine, there are things that make it thrive, and things that hinder it. Simple as that. Yes, there are doctors who come out of the Western medical education system and really care about their patients, and yes, there might be a medical reason that you need to be on a medication for a period of time. But if your doctor doesn't have a long term plan to eventually get you off those medications, or wean you down the best they can, or at best, heal you completely, then THEY ARE NOT DOING THIER JOB, and it's up to you to know that, and take your health back into your own hands.

We're conditioned to believe over and over, 'this is hereditary,' or 'this is genetic,' or 'this is unfixable,' and a lot of the time, it's just not true!

I want to empower you to be your own best advocate. I want you to understand from a different perspective than what you've probably been taught, so that you can at least make an informed decision for yourself.

Different strokes for different folks, as they say, but you should at least have all the information.

Here's a master list of my favorite practitioners who have helped me tremendously over the years. Watch them. Study them. Hear what they have to offer. Learn from them. Work with them. I hope they can help you as much as they have me.

Above all else, know this: I see you. You're not alone. I know how hard it is, but I also know in my bones that you can heal.

xx Rachel

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