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Q. Where are you located?

A.  Monmouth County, New Jersey.  

Q. Will you travel?

A.  If you have it in your means and budget to cover the cost of travel expenses, then yes! I am willing and able to travel to work with you.

Q. Who do you typically work with?

A.  I work best with entrepreneurs/influencers on a conscious path, as well as small business owners in creative and wellness fields, such as coaches, creators, designers, dancers, artists, performers, healers, yoga studios, fashion boutiques... things like that!


Q. Will you pick the photoshoot location, or do I come up with that?

A.  It really depends! If you have a particular place in mind, I will be there with bells on! (*as long as the lighting is good, of course! :: wink, wink ::)


If you’re at a total loss for a location that fits your brand, we will discuss and come up with the perfect spot together! Some people decide to rent a space, others shoot at their business location, so it’s all up to us to decide what will work best.

Q. What about outfits and props? What should I wear?? What should I bring??

A.  As a general rule of thumb, I like to recommend wearing things that you are comfortable in!! It can be tempting to go out and buy a sequin dress, only to find out later it’s really freaking itchy, and sequins aren’t even you. 


Wear colors that flatter you. Wear outfits that make you feel like dancing because you love them so much. Wear things that make you feel the most like you, whether that’s dressed up you, business you, or casual-on-the-couch-you. Choose a variety, or choose multiple similar looks, if that’s what makes sense!


I am happy to weigh in on wardrobe, and I am happy to suggest props that will complement your images.

Q. Do you choose the final photos, or do I?

A.  This is your shoot, your vision, your business! You will absolutely get to choose your favorite shots!


You will receive a link with an online gallery of your RAW images. In that gallery you will 'like' your favorites, and those are the ones I will edit and send back to you!


Q. How about re-touching?

A.  You will receive an online gallery of edited photos, made to look their best in terms of lighting, color, and composition.

However, for lifestyle and social media photos, body and face re-touching will be kept to a minimum. While taking down redness in the skin or patching a pesky blemish that showed up on shoot day is perfectly okay in my book, I want to be clear that I am not here to eliminate thighs, cinch in waists, or remove any trace of natural aging.


While nothing is more important than you being happy with your final images, authenticity is the name of the game here, and I really stand by that. Believe me- I know you didn’t go into business to be a model. Much of our work together will be centered around confidence and comfortability during your shoot; that way, you will be positively radiating! Believe me when I say that my goal, first and foremost, is to capture you in the most flattering ways possible so that in the end you will have images you're really proud to show off!


So... best foot forward in our branding? Yes, absolutely!  Fake and altered images that feed the toxic, pervasive societal standards of beauty and perfectionism and comparison? I am not the photographer for you ; )

Working together
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